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GlasGlobal_Sommer_Informatik_Geometry_ENG_2015With Glass Global glasses can be statically dimensioned according to DIN 18008. With all applicable loads such as snow, wind, dead weight, live loads, climatically induced fluctuations in air pressure and temperature, as well as site-altitude air pressure fluctuations are considered in the calculation, and compared stresses and deflections with the permissible values.

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Determination of the glass thickness according to DIN 18008

  • Static detection of glazing in accordance with DIN 18008
  • Maximum values of the bending and tension of the individual disks for any definable load combinations
  • Review of all load cases (snow, wind, dead weight, live loads)
  • Wind and snow loads for Germany with optional wind and snow load module
  • Creation and installation information, local height differences between production location and location are taken into account